We partner with Blum because they have incredible hardware. They offer solution based hardware to enhance space and functionality in every room in the home.

They really are innovators and it is why we love working with them.

The Blum product is designed in Austria and holds life time warranty. We often say, ‘cabinetry is the solution’. But it runs a little deeper than that. Innovative cabinetry and hardware that seamlessly enhances the way you live, is the solution. We believe aligning with Blum is the best way to offer superior quality of living to our customers.

Some of their products-

The Blum Space corner and tower both offer plenty of storage space utilisation.

With the space corner, it offers a full extension drawer configured to your requirements, rather than the conventional corner cupboard or pull-out options. It gives clear visibility of all contents and ease of access.

The space tower also allows the inner drawers to be configured to your individual requirements on height. The drawers allow items to be accessed from all 3 sides and easily from the front to the back.

Both are convenient, space saving ways to store food and kitchen utensils.

The under-sink drawer is a great one to optimise that space that never gets used. This units helps to utilize ever inch of storage space available to you, in a handy solution. Washing up items are easily stored away but are convenient to hand.

Blum offer a number of styles of drawer hardware, suited towards area in the home, as well as budget. Part of their range is the option to house an internal drawer. This is a great solution when keeping external aesthetics one size and optimizing internal space. Often you see these drawers housing the gladwrap or spare keys, double layer cutlery drawers, or possibly make up and trinkets in vanities.

Using a function bin drawer is critical in a new or remodelled kitchen space. A hygienic solution that promotes easy separation of recycling, trash, and compostables. The option of size and number of rubbish bins are to customers individual requirements. Rubbish lids are also available.

Blum also offer a large range of container trays and utensil dividers for drawers. Their scope in this category is huge ranging from spice racks to storage dividers, knife block and removable plate holder. Items to bring further functionality and flow to your space.