An initial guide for your next project


This is a tough low pressure laminate surface. Used across a number of applications commercially and inside the home – kitchen, vanities, laundry, robes.

Once seen to be the ‘cheap’ option, has now been developed and recognised as a durable and aesthetically viable product with a huge range of colours, real wood looks, and textures.


Different to Melamine; these panels have a thermo-wrapping over the board. There is no requirement for clashed edges, so it gives a cleaner more seamless look.

A super practical choice for high use areas, such as your kitchen. It is a hard wearing product, durable, easy to wipe, and comes in a range of colours and finishes.

These panels are prefinished at the supplier end and made to exact specifications provided by the cabinet maker. Face detail can include tongue and groove, shaker style finish, or flat faces.


Acrylic offers an excellent alternative to lacquer with both matte and gloss finishes available. Acrylic is an extremely resilient surface offering high scratch resistance. It won’t chip like painted surfaces can. With a laser edging it gives a very clean finish.

Acrylic seems to come in and out of style and selected over paint due to affordability, durability, or preference in look.

Lacquered / Painted

Offers clean lines especially with panel detail such as tongue & groove or shaker style finishes. No edging required means complete coverage and protection. Painted panelling is a higher cost finish, but one that never disappoints. Aligning with the beautiful Dulux or Resene paint colours allows for stylish continuity throughout your project.


Veneer brings the beauty of natural wood to your interior project. With a range of tones and textures available it brings the warmth and richness to a space without the cost of solid timber.

Of course, there are a huge range of finishes extending the above options including ply, stone/ porcelain, and steal faces. We are familiar with all applications and are happy to help guide you to what will work best for your project and lifestyle.